A Look At Autism


What do you think when you read about Autism? You probably think of Dustin Hoffman character in the movie Rain Man or Sean Penn character in the Movie I am Sam. People with autism like regular people is very deserves, with deferent sets of strengths and weaknesses.

       Autism is a spectrum of disorders it means that two children with autism has deferent set abilities. For example two children with the same diagnoses have different abilities.

        People practicality after Sandy Hook asks can autistic people be violent. The answer is a very big NO, no studies suggest that Autistic people is not associated in a violent crime unlike Adam Lanza.  Plus, there are more cases of people who bully people with Autism.  

      There are a lot of successful autistic people around like Temple Grandin has a PhD in Animal Science is autistic.

     I just want people specially parents and teachers of people with autism is be an ADVOCATE for people with AUTISM.  


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