Can your birth order in the family affect your Intelligence? Is there a correlation between birth order and IQ?


       What can affect your IQ? Is it your race, your food intake, your parent’s education or your birth order? All of the above, right!  But I want to focus on one critical area, birth older. What is birth order? It is your place in your family whether you are the first or the last one born among your siblings.         

      Your birth order affects your IQ by at least a small but significant number. It is because of divided time that your parents can give you. Studies have shown that just by talking to the child [under the age 6] one on one regularly increases the child IQ. How can this happen?  As we talk to our child, wirings (synapses) in the brain connects as the child hears, process what the parents are saying. And as you wait patiently for her answer, all the more the child’s brain is working because she is thinking of the words to tell you.  If a child competes with other siblings for parents’ precious time then these brain developments not likely to be given fullest attention.

      At what point in my child’s life can I have another child?

For me its five years gap, because your firstborn in kindergarten and you can really focus in racing your second child, although others may have other opinion.

           In whatever time you decide to have another child bear that your child’s IQ will affect whether or not he will succeed in life.   


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