Can you prevent someone from being gay?a look at Reparative therapy


        As I said a while ago that being gay can’t be change rather not a choice. People who are gay are gay from the time they are born; they will not notice it right away but they will going to know it, but there is this thing called Reparative Therapy.    

       What is Reparative therapy? Reparative therapy also known as conversion therapy is a therapy aims on changing gay people is the most harmful therapy known to human being. Why? You are changing gay man into straight; you will change how they see things.  

      Does reparative really therapy work? The answer is a big NO, because it’s the natural inclination to be gay. Although some people says that it work them those people have this natural instinct to be gay. Even if they really tried hard that is there nature.

    I am very infuriated when a people are saying that God made only a man and a woman and that there is no place for gay people to exist. Come on people gay people made people gay for a reason. 


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