What makes some of us Gay?


             If there is a study that I am more fascinated with is this, scientifically what makes a person gay. I am not the only one asking that. So I research it on Google here is what I found: all research is done in Gay man and not in lesbians. So this article is what makes a man gay.

         So let’s get started by debunking the old time favorite myth by people who are homophobic, that being it’s a choice and that gay people, choose to be gay because they want to be different. That is very wrong. Secondly people who are gay grow up in a household that the father is always absent in a boy’s life so without any guidance from the father the boy became gay. This theory is unproven.

                  What is proven tough? Is that some people are gay because of the makeup of their ‘hormones and genes’ and that a boy is gay because of this thing called ‘the older brother effect’. This means that a first son has roughly two present chance of being gay and the numbers rise from there.  

                So you need to understand that gay people. Stop gay bashing gay people are Human being and human being that need UNDERSTANDING.


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