Dyslexia: How it can be sometimes GLORYFIING



         When I mention dyslexia, what is your first reaction? Yeah kids who cannot read, they see some letters and text backward. A kid with dyslexia may see name ADAM as MDAA but here is the catch, the kid who cannot read at 10 can be the next innovator at e.g. Apple Computers. How can it be?   

       Here is my theory, while the dyslexic brain has not been equipped to deal with reading but God do give the dyslexic brain an edge on creativity. So people who have dyslexia is highly creative, like conidian Jay Leno is highly creative in the arts department and LA LAKERS point guard Earvin “Magic’ Johnson who’s  creative style of playing made him one of the greatest basketball players of all time.

     Being Dyslexic is not a curse. With the right support they can be the best in what ventures they do. 


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