Sexuality vs. Gender Identity


         There has been a lot fuss these days about Gender and Sexuality. There have been a lot of myths and facts floating on what make us who we are. For me sexuality and Gender Identity is just part of our lives.

            What is Gender? Gender is who you are at birth, are you a boy or a girl, some people have this disorder called Gender non-conformity. People who have are gender non-conformity wants to be in a different body even as a child. They are called transgender, People who transgender even as a young child can tell this differences between typical gender and them.

           Sexuality on the other hand is a different story: sexuality is defined by who you are attracted to. Are you attracted to the opposite, same or both sexes? When a person is attracted to the opposite sex they are often referred as straight, when a person is attracted to the same sex they referred to us gay, and when a person is attracted to both sexes is often referred to bi. It’s never been a choice for people to be straight as if for a gay men to be gay men.

          Please don’t bully, the LGBT community is just like other people they are feelings.


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