Bullying in America


        In recent years a wave of bullying incidences was by my favorite Journalist Anderson Cooper. Cooper who is an advocate of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender youth and who is gay himself is one of many people actively supporting gay rights.

     I think that bullying today is worse compared to 20 years ago. Two decades ago bullying just happens in school during school hours. Now bullying is on 24/7 because of this called the INTERNET. Bullying escalated due to the lack of guidance of parents of parents of their children.  People fault the bully for the bullying but oddly enough because of the luck of guidance it’s often the parents fault.

       Children are dying because of the ‘bullying epidemic’ a 19 year old Tyler Climenti who jump to his death 3 years ago when his roommate streams a video online of his encounter with another man, exposing his private life. A 13 year old Asher Brown shout himself after bullied at school. Those are two of the incidence of this multitude.

       People though that bullying is just a phase of life that people just go through, think again! Now more than ever bullying is harsher, more bad words are being said. I thought that physical bullying is worse than verbal bullying. I am very wrong. I thought that the words will just past trough the kids ears. I never thought of their little hearts. little hearts that will suffer.


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