If you think of ADHD you probably think of boys who unruly unfocused and untidy, but you may be wrong. In a recent study done 5 percent of the world population had this disorder.  It is a pretty big number. For example in America the current population is about 300 million so there are an estimated 15 million people with ADHD.

ADHD is characterize by 3 main symptoms and 2 sub types Inattdentive, impulsive and hyperactive, this means that people who has ADHD hard time doing things that don’t interest them. They also had a hard time with organization.

What are the positive attributes of people who have ADHD? They are more often than not very creative full of energy and hyper-focus. Who are the famous people who have ADHD? Adam Levine is singer from the band Maroon 5 and Jamie Oliver is successful celebrity chef, both of which have ADHD.

So if someone you love has ADHD just give them lots of love and support every obsession and they will have a long way.


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