By Arkin A Johnson

          In the midst of the US government shutdown and the dispute of the White House and Congress the question is America still the greatest country in the world.  The answer is YES, America is still the greatest country with wide range of reasons but want to tackle one main the thing why I thing America is still the greatest. IT’s EQUALITY

             In America there are equal opportunities for them to succeed, an equal chance to prove them to the world. For instance in America a child with Aspersers Syndrome can be an engineer and a child who has cerebral palsy can be a writer. They have equal rights for men and woman in education, health care and salary.

            In the American constitution there is freedom of religion freedom to believe in what faith you want to believe in. Even the colts have a chance to exist. In America there is freedom, freedom to do what you want to do.

       In America there is equality and diversity. Americans comes in deferment shape, sizes and color. That is why America is the greatest country in the world.


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